Friday, 20 April 2012

Aprilia RS 125 carb set up , how do you do the plug chop , test engine running conditions RS 125

Basically a plug chop involves putting the bike under load at high revs
 Chopping is where the igniton is cut at a certain RPM while the engine is under load
 Hit the kill switch and pull clutch in fast , Slow down and with gloves on remove  spark plug (hot).

the plug will have a colour which can be checked to given running conditions inside the cylinder at what every 
RPM or throttle position you did the run at . ie third , half full throttle or certain rev ranges .

Aprilia rs125 spark plug condition 

Black = rich
Brown = good
Grey / white = dangerous conditions

for advice on jetting and which jets to use see here 

Set it to rev at 2000 with the idle screw, then twiddle the air screw just to the left of the idle screw... turn it all the way in, then back out 1.5 to 2.5 turns, listening to engine. As you turn it, revs should increase slightly. Set it to a point that revs are at highest and smoothest. Now use the idle screw to tune it back down to around 1100rpm ( i normally set mine at 1500rpm )... that should be the carb as set as it can be. 
                                 Carburetor Tuning : Listening For Rich And Lean Conditions

Carb settings and adjustments tutorial 
Video series 

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